Customer Reviews

"They responded almost instantaneously and were able to come out the same day, which was critical as the problem was with our kitchen sink. The technician, Jemal, was most courteous, professional and efficient. He diagnosed the problem immediately and completed the repair quickly. He even improvised an improvement to the initial installation that was done incorrectly. The problem was the disposal, which needed to be replaced. He did not have the same model on the truck and ended up installing lower version of the same brand. He assured me it would work as well, and so far we have noticed no difference. The total charge of $400+ seemed high given that that model disposal is available for around $100. However, to be fair, I have no other estimates with which to compare. The prompt response, the same-day service, and the high quality work certainly justify an above average rating for value. I have added them to my "Favorite Pros" and would definitely call them next time I have a plumbing problem."
Michael D.